Vacation Bible School — Surf Shack!

Surf Shack was a blast! 

Every year, VBS is a clear reminder of God’s divine providence, and Surf Shack was no exception.  With almost 90 children, we needed a lot of youth and adult volunteers, and the Holy Spirit led just the right number to us at just the right times.  Over 60 adults and youth dedicated their week to sharing God’s love with the children of our community.  If you were able to witness the joyful energy, you know what a blessing it is to have such a vibrant program here at St. Matt’s.  If you missed it, be sure to check it out next summer!  You do NOT need to give your entire week – many of our volunteers were only able to spend one day at Surf Shack.

Many thanks to all the people who made Surf Shack a huge success.  And special thanks to the center area leads who spent time preparing for the week and then working tirelessly to create a full VBS experience for all the children.  Beth DiGiovanni, Amanda Livermont, Sharon Ferrell, Kira Coats, Jessie Hurst, Heidi Byron, Caroline Carter, Isaac Camden, Nancy Drury, Josh Hurst and Nate Olbon:  your leadership and commitment set the tone for the week.  And to our dedicated teachers who created and implemented our first ever Special Needs VBS (Abby Whatley, Althea Benton and Norma Dove): hopefully this year’s pilot will lead to a growing program next year.

Are you feeling unsure about helping out next year?  I encourage everyone to find a way to get involved in some capacity.  Leading VBS has been a true joy for me over the past 3 years, even though answering that call took me out of my comfort zone (aka the Craft room).  I am thankful that Sally Ulrey nudged me into my new role, and I can honestly say that it has enriched my life and reinforced my faith.  Please prayerfully consider how you might allow the Holy Spirit to work in you through VBS.

With profound gratitude,

Terri Hurst, VBS Director

With profound gratitude,

Terri Hurst, VBS Director

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Youth Sunday: “Marked by LOVE!”

April 24, 2016 was Youth Sunday at St. Matthew’s, where the youth led all aspects of the service, including helping to give the sermon, being readers, ushers, Eucharistic Ministers, musicians, choir members, and greeters.  Because the sermon was about how we are no longer marked as believers by the Old Testament Law, but instead we are known as Jesus’s disciples by our love, the youth gave parishioners reminders that they are “marked by love” by painting crosses (the ultimate sign of love) on parishioners’ foreheads.  These vibrant crosses served as an outward and visible sign that we are marked by love, a reminder that we are to be known to a broken and hurting world, by how well we LOVE those around us!

DSC04874 DSC04877 DSC04880 DSC04891 DSC04892 DSC04900 DSC04905 DSC04918 DSC04922 DSC04924 DSC04931 DSC04935 DSC04946 DSC04947 DSC04955 DSC04956 DSC04957 DSC04960 DSC04961 DSC04962 DSC04971 DSC04975 DSC04976 DSC04977 DSC04978 DSC04979 DSC04980 DSC04982 DSC04983 DSC04984 DSC04985 DSC04987 DSC04988 DSC04989 DSC04990 DSC04991 DSC04992 DSC04993 DSC04994 DSC04995 DSC04997 DSC04998 DSC05000 DSC05001 DSC05002 DSC05005 DSC05007 DSC05008 DSC05011 DSC05012 DSC05013 DSC05014 DSC05016 DSC05020 DSC05025 DSC05027 DSC05032 DSC05036DSC05042 DSC05044 DSC05046

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Annual Easter Eggstravaganza Saturday, March 26

St Matthews’ Annual Easter Eggstravaganza

Saturday March 26th

10 am to noon

The eggcitement will include the Easter Bunny, Balloon Clown, games, crafts, face painting
and egg coloring. Of course there will be Easter Egg hunts for the children, splitting them into three age groups.
This morning of fun is for all children up to age 10.  So bring your children, their baskets, and your camera and join in a morning of fun!

Easter Eggstravaganza Help Needed

Youth & Adult Volunteers Needed To Help With This Fun Day For The Children.
Just to name a few….
Set Up   *   Decorating   *   Hunt    *   Snacks   *   Crafts   *   Games   *  Clean Up
Really need help setting up the Parish Hall Friday afternoon too.
You will find the signup sheet on the bulletin board in front of the office or you can contact Cheryl Wheeler @
We also need donations of individually wrapped candy
by Wednesday March 16th

to fill over 1200 eggs that will be used for the hunt.
Look for a basket in the Narthex for your donations.

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Youth Sunday Evening Service Photos

St. Matt’s Youth plans and participates in their own worship service on periodic Sunday nights throughout the year. This photo gallery is from once such worship service.

TurnAround Youth meets Sunday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. All youth 6th through 12th grades are welcome.


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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Many thanks to those adults who worked in the kitchen and to the Youth of St. Matthew’s for serving pancakes, sausage, bacon, and all the trimmings at the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper February 9. This traditional feast prior to Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent is a favorite fellowship event for the parish, and brings in a love offering that goes towards Youth ministry activities in the parish. Well done!      


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This Sunday is SS Registration Sunday

9:30 a.m. in the Parish Hall

For all ages, Nursery through Adult

Tables will be set up around the perimeter of the parish hall for the class sign-up. Sign up for Nursery, Cherub Choir, Junior Worship, Parenting Group, Inquirer’s Class and other classes and activities.
Registration forms will be available Sunday, or you can print one out and bring the completed form with you.  click here for 5th grade and below,   click here for 6th – 12th grade.
Sunday School classes will begin NEXT Sunday, August 23 at 9:30 a.m.
Christian Education brochures can be found here:


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Blessing of Backpacks, Students, and Teachers Mark Family Services August 9

Blessing of Back Packs, Sunday August 9

Mother Liz asked students from pre-school to college to join her in front of the altar to bless their backpacks as they prepare to start a new school year Monday. In her blessing, Mother Liz hoped the school year offers a place of enlightenment and learning for all students. Children brought about twenty backpacks to the front of the church for a blessing. Teachers also received a blessing.

Mother Liz tailored her children’s sermon to the first day of school for the children and talked to them about fresh starts. As the children move on to the next grade and meet new teachers, Mother Liz asked them to consider how baptism provides a fresh start for each of us. As the water cleans us on the outside, the Holy Spirit cleans us on the inside.

The children marked the start of this first day of school by first facing west (towards the nave). Mother Liz explained that we praise God by how we act towards one another, and asked the children to give up sins to make room for the good things. The children called out one-by-one, “stealing”, “saying bad things”, and “being unkind.” Mother Liz then asked the children to face east (toward the altar), and promise to offer good things in the coming year: “sharing”, “forgiveness”, “saying nice things to make people feel better”, “tell the truth”, and “offer love.”

In closing, Mother Liz asked the children to walk past the baptismal font as they returned to their seats. She then blessed the children with the blessed water from the font on their heads as they walked by.

-Jay Jones

For more photos, click here.

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