Vestry Voice — Vestry Meeting January 2017

This month’s meeting was held on Monday night January 9th.  Most all Vestry members were present along with Sally Ulrey, Mother Liz and, our recording secretary, Susan Carson.
We opened the meeting at 7:04 with prayer. Mother Liz asked the Vestry to read Psalm 40 and a reflection on the Psalm followed.
Fellowship Committee members asked to come to the Vestry meeting and brought some of their concerns to the attention of the Vestry.
The first was their concern for the Sunday morning breakfast and the participation of the parish in signing up to serve. The sign ups have been fewer in number and there is some confusion about the expectation of those who volunteer. The discussion centered around the cost of breakfast, the procedures for kitchen prep and clean up, and the paper supplies.   The Vestry made suggestions to re-instate a kitchen guild and develop guidelines for serving breakfast and the use of the kitchen. It was further suggested that the committee has the power to design their own guidelines and develop a plan for breakfast sign ups that is workable.  Oscar said that he would try to determine which Sundays would be busier that others so that volunteers wouldn’t feel pressured to spend more than they could afford.
The question was asked if the coffee expense comes out of the Fellowship Budget.  Jack indicated he would check with the Treasurer to verify where the funds are pulled from so that it would not directly affect the budget.
The Global Mission Ministry has decided to postpone the 2017 Reading Camp in Grenada due to logistical and scheduling issues, and the absence of lead teachers available as trainers on the date chosen by Grenada.
The Long Range Planning Committee announced that they have over 150 completed surveys with the possibility of more coming in prior to the January 20th deadline. They will meet on the 24th to tabulate the results and determine the 6 priority areas that the parish identified as important to them for the coming year.  More on this to come at the annual meeting.
To date we have three nominees for the Vestry with the possibility of an additional 3 more.  We charged the nominating committee to develop a spread sheet of those who had been asked so that there would be no overlap. The spreadsheet also includes those who declined and those who have currently accepted.
Mother Liz indicated that the 5:00 service on Christmas Eve set a record with 220 in attendance.
Three versions of a draft 2017 budget were presented to the Vestry for discussion.  After much discussions of the pros and cons of the three budget versions and a desire to be good stewards of the pledges we have to date, and while still stepping out in faith to do what God is calling us to do, it was decided to postpone the approval of the budget until after the results of the surveys come through and we have the real input from the parish from those surveys.  We scheduled a follow up budget meeting for January 29th after the 10:30 service.
We adjourned the meeting at 9:23 PM.
Jack Denton
Sr. Warden

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