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March 2016

Several members of the parish have come to me with questions about the recent decisions Anglican bishops made in January.  These senior bishops of the 38 Anglican Provinces met in Canterbury, England, at the invitation of Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.  One of the key topics on the agenda was to discuss the recent decision by the Episcopal Church to open the possibility of marriage to all couples.  The unanimous decision of the Primates was to continue to remain unified as a Communion, however, in order for this to be possible, they voted to suggest three actions, or consequences of the Episcopal Church’s decisions last summer. These requests would be in place for a period of three years and would affect how the Episcopal Church would participate in councils of the wider Anglican Communion. The full text of their decision may be found here:

I have seen headlines in various newspapers and magazines that state that the Primates have expelled the Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion; or that they have “disciplined” the Episcopal Church.  These are misleading statements for three key reasons:

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