Health and Wellness

The Mental health and Wellness Committee members voted unanimously at its October meeting to change the committee’s name from “Mental Health and Wellness Committee” to “Health and Wellness Committee”. During the meeting the members agreed that the former name might be too narrow a focus and that it made sense to change the name in order to attract the more skilled parishioners (i.e. Nurses, Retired Nurses, etc.) to the group and reach more parishioners who could use the services provided by the committee.
To achieve that end, the committee decided to revise its mission statement. The new mission statement of the Health and Wellness Committee is:
 “To promote the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical health and well-being of the parishioners at St. Matthews and the community through education, community wellness activities, and health and fitness activities for our parishioners.”
With this new focus, the committee, for example, can engage in these, but not limited to, general activities:
Identify congregational health needs and promote whole person health.
  • Provide and coordinate educational classes to enable wellness and prevent illness.
  • Provide spiritual support, health screening, and referrals for members of the congregation as needed.
 This committee is intended to function as a regular standing committee of the congregation, meeting monthly to fulfill its responsibilities and functions. If any parishioner feels his or her calling to ministry is in the area of medicine, nursing, counseling, social work, education, social ministry, church board, youth, elderly, outreach ministries, etc., our committee will be glad to welcome you.  The primary membership qualification is only based on your interest in holistic health matters for the individual, congregation, and community.
There will be a Health and Wellness committee meeting on Monday, November 2, at 7:00 p.m. For more information, please contact Flora Cox or any of the committee members.

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