A New Sexton For St. Matthew’s…

Andrew Meredith PhotoThere will be a new face around the campus starting November 1.  Andrew Meredith comes on board as our part-time Sexton, taking over the janitorial duties as well as general building and grounds maintenance.  Your Buildings and Grounds committee went through an extensive search process to find the right candidate and we are excited to add him to our staff.
Andrew previously held a similar position at another church and lives very close by.  His primary employment is as an EMT, and usually fulfills his forty hour commitment to them the first three days of the week. This will give him plenty of time to take care of St. Matt’s. When you see Andrew around, introduce yourself and give him a warm St. Matt’s welcome.
As we welcome Andrew to St. Matt’s as our new sexton, his help keeping the building in top shape will be very welcome. It’s good to remember, however, that having a sexton will not change the responsibility we have as members to practice good stewardship of our common space. As a reminder, here are a few things we can continue to do to help maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone:
  • Never leave food or drink in any meeting space or classroom (even in the trash) when you leave. Trash cans should be emptied and trash taken to the dumpster. Replace chairs around the tables and neaten the space for the next group. Remember to turn out lights when you leave.
  • If you borrow chairs or tables from other meeting areas, or use technical equipment checked out for a meeting or event, please return them promptly to where they belong.
  • If you use the kitchen, all dishes should be washed and put away, and food items should be cleared. Please do not leave food on the counters. Date and label anything you put in the refrigerator. Unlabeled food will be thrown out regularly. Wipe counters and tables, and take all used linens, tablecloths, etc. home to wash/fold and return to the church kitchen promptly.
  • If your group uses the nursery or other SS classrooms and adjoining bathrooms on weekday afternoons or evenings, please be considerate of the preschool and put everything away where you found it, and sanitize, sweep or vacuum if necessary. These rooms are used by the preschool every weekday and have been left clean and prepared for the next day’s classes at the end of each class day. For their own safety children should not be left unattended to play in the nursery or classrooms, or play unattended anywhere on church grounds. This includes the courtyard and playground.
  • Our church home is a busy place. Some evenings there may be as many as four or five different groups using meeting rooms and/or the sanctuary. It can be difficult to know if you should lock doors when your activity is finished. Well…when in doubt, LOCK UP! Always keep doors locked if you are in the building alone or with a small group. If you are the last person to leave the church building, please check all doors to be sure they are closed tightly and locked securely.
  • Please notify the parish office of things like light bulbs that need replacing, toilets that are malfunctioning, or other housekeeping/maintenance issues that might need immediate attention. You can call the parish office at 770-979-4210 or email stmatts@bellsouth.net. Andrew will be notified of the issue so it can be handled promptly.
If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact the church office. Together we can maintain a comfortable, safe church home and be good stewards of what God has provided us. Thank you!

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