Blessing of Backpacks, Students, and Teachers Mark Family Services August 9

Blessing of Back Packs, Sunday August 9

Mother Liz asked students from pre-school to college to join her in front of the altar to bless their backpacks as they prepare to start a new school year Monday. In her blessing, Mother Liz hoped the school year offers a place of enlightenment and learning for all students. Children brought about twenty backpacks to the front of the church for a blessing. Teachers also received a blessing.

Mother Liz tailored her children’s sermon to the first day of school for the children and talked to them about fresh starts. As the children move on to the next grade and meet new teachers, Mother Liz asked them to consider how baptism provides a fresh start for each of us. As the water cleans us on the outside, the Holy Spirit cleans us on the inside.

The children marked the start of this first day of school by first facing west (towards the nave). Mother Liz explained that we praise God by how we act towards one another, and asked the children to give up sins to make room for the good things. The children called out one-by-one, “stealing”, “saying bad things”, and “being unkind.” Mother Liz then asked the children to face east (toward the altar), and promise to offer good things in the coming year: “sharing”, “forgiveness”, “saying nice things to make people feel better”, “tell the truth”, and “offer love.”

In closing, Mother Liz asked the children to walk past the baptismal font as they returned to their seats. She then blessed the children with the blessed water from the font on their heads as they walked by.

-Jay Jones

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