Special Collection for Mother Emanuel AME

7/1/2015 Update:

Thanks to the generosity of its members, St. Matthew’s was privileged to send approximately $1,500 to Mother Emanuel AME church this week.  If you missed this special collection but would still like to help, please click here. Please continue to pray for the Emanuel AME community of faith, and all those affected by this tragic event.


6/21/2015 A message from Mother Liz –

On Wednesday night, during a bible study and prayer meeting at Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina, a lone white gunman opened fire on the 12 black parishioners and pastors gathered there.  Nine were killed; one was deliberately left alive to tell the story of what happened and 2 survived by pretending they were dead.  The nine people who died left behind husbands and wives, at least 10 children and at least 4 grandchildren.  I have been in touch with Bishop Charles von Rosenberg of the Episcopal Church in South Carolina to see what we might do to help.  He told me that the city of Charleston has set up a site for donations to Mother Emanuel church to help with funeral and burial expenses plus other needs that the church might have.  I will ask for a special collection for this fund on Sunday, June 21 during the church service.  If you would prefer to send a donation to St. Matthews, we will keep the collection open until next Friday, June 26. Please make checks out to St. Matthews and indicate that it is for the special collection or for Emanuel AME church.


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