Passalong Plants — Enhancing Our Common Space

Work Day1 2015front_beds_smallFrom Janis Williams and the Flower Guild:

There is a wonderful tradition among gardeners, friends, and relatives of sharing plants with one another. These plants are considered “passalongs.” It is my hope to establish several gardens around the church; at this time, I have begun to extend the plantings in the back. Do you have an abundance of any plants that you would like to share with us? I am particularly looking for Lenten Roses, Hosta, Ferns, Sedums, and more. I can also use large rocks and a split-rail fence!

If you live nearby, I will be glad to come dig them out myself. I will need to approve all contributed plants. I am looking for mostly shade plants, but I would like a few sunny ones too. Please call or email me if you have something to contribute to this garden along the drive to the back parking lot.

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