Annual Parish Work Day — What A Day!

by Jay Jones

Work Day1 2015Over 70 parishioners gathered March 28 for St. Matthew’s annual parish work day to clean up, replace and clear out the church campus leading into Holy Week and Easter celebrations.

The event was organized by the Building and Grounds Committee to do some spring cleaning  and maintenance work across the campus. Many people helped clear out the flower beds and courtyard gardens to plant new Spring flowers and lay down new pine straw.

Inside, volunteers washed and scrubbed and cleaned all areas of the church. Heavier work involved replacing some of the tile in the hallway between the parish hall and church office, moving the sanctuary’s sound system from behind the altar to a closet in the narthex and replacing toilets in the Education wing with more water-efficient models.

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew’s provided lunch for everyone for the work day.

One parishioner noted that the work day helped build the church in more ways than one by improving the physical state of the church campus and providing the opportunity for members to get to know each other better through fellowship.

Recalling the words to Hymn 586 in the Hymnal: “Every task, however simple, sets the soul that does it free; every deed of human kindness done in love is done to thee….”

Work Day2 2015
Work Day3 2015


And from Todd Camden, Vestry Liaison
What a great day!

The landscaping/clean up work on the grounds made a dramatic difference.  There were at least a hundred bails of pine straw spread in all of the beds around all of the new plants that were planted.   Everything that needed got a trim, and how great does it look around our road sign!  Our updated curb appeal will definitely impress our many visitors this Easter week, and enrich everyone’s Holy week experience.  Thanks to Janis for masterminding and directing this effort.

The outside pavilion was shored up and reinforced under Kenny’s direction, so now we can enjoy it for years to come.  Our picnic tables will soon be replaced as part of an Eagle scout project.  With the pavilion refurbished, and new tables I think it calls for a party to put this long neglected area to use.

Phil had the courage to spearhead our workday plumbing project-replacing the last five toilets on our list.  I lost count on how many trips to Ace/Lowe’s were made and I think we used every tool in the arsenal, but by Saturday evening the water was back on and the new toilets were working. Dominic put in an amazing effort reworking all of the toilet flange connections, I don’t think he could walk the next day.  Here’s a picture of the toilet crew taking a rest on the retired thrones at the end of the day.Work Day4 2015


The kitchen and pantry were organized and straightened up in preparation for the professional cleaners coming during the next week to scrub floors and give the whole kitchen a thorough detailed cleaning (generously paid for by a member who could not make the workday).  The library was cleaned and organized, as were several storage areas.  Bonnie headed the crew that tackled the office.  They found things in cabinets that we forgot we had (the old directories with pictures were fun) while cleaning and organizing cabinets and everything else.

Thanks to Steve McFarland who owned the sound system relocation project.  He planned, purchased materials, and stayed all day working until the system was fully functional in its new location. Brian Alexander(family friend and his child Noah attends our preschool) worked all day on the sound system as well, volunteering to help us on the first Saturday that he has had off work in months.

Altar Guild with help spruced up the sanctuary, altar and sacristy.  Pews and hymn racks were cleaned.  The cabinet doors in the education wing were adjusted, exit doors were adjusted and weather stripping replaced.  Choir room got the annual cleaning, I saw some cleaning and organizing going on in the vesting room as well. Windows were washed, broken floor tiles in the hall replaced,  and I’m sure that there is more that I am forgetting.  Thanks to Greg Andrews, Doug Mendrala, and the Brotherhood for providing lunch for everyone.  Thank you to the many shifts of nursery volunteers for making it possible for young parents to put some work in.

Extra special thanks to B&G committee:  Janis, Phil, Kenny, Dan and Bonnie,  not only for your work on Saturday, but for the countless hours spent in preparation to put on such a successful event.

The most important thing that was built Saturday is Community, and I am so very proud and thankful to be a part of ours!

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