Hiking Club Plans A Walk In the Woods

Take a walk in the woods on November 16

The St Matts hiking group invites parishioners of all ages to enjoy the beauty of fall while strolling along a trail in Harbins Park on Sunday, November 16.
Located at 2995 Luke Edwards Rd in Dacula, this peaceful space is just 25 minutes from St Matthew’s. There are picnic facilities, restrooms and a children’s playground but the main attraction is the forest. You can quickly and easily immerse yourself in silence with the paved one mile loop or the full 4.5 mile natural trail.
Car poolers can meet in the St Matt’s parking lot at 12:30 pm, or meet us at the park at 1:00 pm. Bring a sack lunch and plenty of water. Bikes, dogs on leashes and children are all welcome. Everyone can plan to be back at church or home no later than 4:30pm.
Come and experience the quiet joy that only a forest can bring.

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