2017 Officers and Vestry

Officers of the Parish:

Jack Denton, Senior Warden

Becky Olbon, Junior Warden

Chuck Marsh, Treasurer
Mark Allen, Financial Secretary

2017 Vestry

Jack Denton, Senior Warden, Finance

Vision for St. Matthew’s: I envision the next phase of St. Matthew’s growth to be based on our developing diversity, our focus on our surrounding community and our strengthening of our Christian Education, Worship, Youth, Fellowship and Communications ministries. Pinpointing these areas will take us in the direction we will need to go for the next five-10 years.

Becky Olbon, Jr. Warden, Buildings and Grounds

Vision for St Matthews: For a parish that is growing both in members and in involvement – with more parishioners involved in all areas of the church.

Mindy Barringer, Outreach

Vision for St. Matthew’s: Our church is a potential powerhouse. Our strong infrastructure of Worship, Inreach, Christian Education, and Fellowship nurtures our parishioners, builds relationships, and teaches us the lessons of the scriptures. Armed with this strength, we are empowered to move through our comfortable red doors and reach out to those who need it the most in our community and the world.

Mark Franke, Church Growth and Global Mission

Vision for St. Matthew’s:

Mara DiGiovanni, Communications

Vision for St. Matthew’s: for St. Matthew’s to be a beacon of love and hope to the community, acting as the light of Christ in the world.

Cynthia (Cindi) Bateman, Youth

Vision for St. Matthew’s: to work towards continued growth and renewed vibrancy for children, youth, and adults of all ages at St. Matthew’s.

Oscar De Leon, Fellowship

Vision for St. Matthew’s:  to foster an open embrace to all God’s people where we grow together as one strong community.

Althea Benton, Worship

Vision for St. Matthew’s:

 Ralph NeSmith, Long Range Planning

Vision for St. Matthew’s: The needs of its parishioners are known and are provided; We effectively use the talents of everyone; Newcomers are welcomed warmly and effectively integrated into the life of St. Matthew’s; We are educated and motivated to serve locally and in the greater community outside of St. Matthew’s; We continue to be known as St. Matthew’s “It’s the People”

Beth Still, Christian Formation

Vision for St Matthews: Beth would love to see our membership grow; she believes that if we can just get people in the door at St. Matthews, they will feel the energy and the love that permeates our church and will want to be a part of that. Beth is also very interested in starting a prison ministry (a la Kairos).

Scott McEvoy, Stewardship

Vision for St Matthews: with God’s help, to aid in helping St. Matthews grow.

Samantha (Sam) Refro, Inreach

Vision for St. Matthew’s: I am especially interested in outreach to those in need as well as in-reach in order that we remain and grow as an inclusive parish.

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